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Get insights on real-time search, filtering and more.

What is Jetboost?

Jetboost is an easy and simple way to enhance your Webflow site. It lets you add useful features like sorting, filtering and real-time search whilst letting you keep the design of your site exactly how you like it.

How does Nocodelytics integrate with Jetboost?

Nocodelytics automatically tracks how users interact with your Jetboost real-time search and filters. 

This means Nocodelytics can tell you which searches users have made as well as which filters they’re selecting most often.

How do I see what users have typed in a Jetboost search box?

By knowing what the most popular searches people make in your Jetboost real-time search, you can get a better idea of what content they’re looking for and make it easier for your users to get what they need. 

Here’s how to see which searches are popular:

  1. On your site’s dashboard, click “New Metric”
  2. Select “Searches” from the dropdown 
  3. Enter the Jetboost class of the search box (an ID works too)

In the bar chart you’ll get a quick look at the data with searches ranked most popular from left to right.

If you want to save this to your dashboard, enter a name and click “Save to dashboard”. 

How do I check which Jetboost filters were most popular?

Understanding which Jetboost filters are most popular is also a useful way to gauge which content people are interested in. 

For example, you can use this information to create more content relating to the most popular filters (like a landing page specifically about that filter - great for SEO).

Here’s how to see your most popular filters for a collection:

  1. On your site’s dashboard, click “New Metric”
  2. Select “Collections” from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the collection that the filters are for.

In the bar chart you’ll see which filters people clicked on the most from left to right. 

To save it to your dashboard, just give it a name and click “Save to dashboard”.

How can I get a report of the most favorited items?

Knowing which items are most favourited is a useful way to understand the kind of content people enjoy the most.

You can now do this by choosing the "Custom Field" option in the New Metric page. Read this guide to learn more.

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