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Get insights from Jetboost's real-time search and dynamic filters.
"Nocodelytics unlocks so much value for businesses that are using Webflow + Jetboost. Thanks to their simple no-code installation process, you can quickly learn what content your site’s visitors are searching for, and interacting with, most frequently. No other analytics tool integrates this deeply and seamlessly with Webflow!"

Chris Spags

Founder, Jetboost
Nile Frater

Understand searches

If you're using Jetboost's real-time search, there's a treasure trove of information about what your users want.

Seeing what your users want will help you figure out which content to work on.

Nocodelytics makes it easy to track Jetboost's real-time search.

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Popular searches chart in Nocodelytics

See popular filters

Jetboost's dynamic filters are a great way to let users select the categories they're interested in.

Knowing which filters are the most popular will help you understand the type of content that might resonate with your users the most.

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Popular searches chart in Nocodelytics

Visualize favorites

Jetboost easily lets you add favoriting to any collection list and users can easily save items.

Now you can keep track of the most popular favorited items in a simple and clear chart.

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Popular searches chart in Nocodelytics

User-friendly, GDPR-compliant analytics

We've got you covered in every aspect of data processing and privacy
Privacy Policy

We process your data only as necessary to deliver our service, manage our business, ensure security, and comply with legal obligations.

Data Processing Agreement

We ensures GDPR compliance and lawful processing of data. Our servers are located within the European Union. Users retain ownership of their data.

Features to grow your Webflow site

Powerful tracking in a simple interface.
Popular CMS Items
Popular CMS Items

Easily get insights into how users engage with your content. Perfect for blogs, job boards, marketplaces and more.

Button and link clicks
Button & Link Clicks

Get a visual answer to questions like how many people clicked your CTAs or visited specific pages.

Search insights
Search Insights

See what people are searching for so you can find new content ideas and grow.

Embed dashboards
Embed Dashboards

Set up your dashboard and embed it anywhere on your Webflow site.

Simple visuals
Simple Visuals

A simple to use interface with easy to understand charts. There's no need for data science training!

Unlimited websites
Unlimited Websites

Use Nocodelytics on multiple business sites or personal/hobby projects.

Fast no-code setup
Fast No-Code Setup

Go from sign up to tracking events within minutes. No more wasting hours in Tag Manager.

Friendly support
Friendly Support

Talk to a human, not a chatbot. We're here to help and will respond quickly to help you out.

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