Setting up Nocodelytics

How to sign up, track sites and view your dashboard.

What is Nocodelytics?

Nocodelytics is an analytics service that's built for Webflow sites. We make it super simple to track clicks on buttons/links, searches on your site as well as user interactions with your CMS.

How to sign up

You can sign up for Nocodelytics by heading to the Nocodelytics home page and clicking the Sign up with Webflow button.

Here's the step by step process:

  1. Click on any sign up button (the above link works too).
  2. Select the sites you want to grant Nocodelytics access to on the Webflow auth screen.
  3. Click on the blue "Authorize Application" button.
  4. You're now signed up!

You'll then be taken back to Nocodelytics and will see all of the sites that you granted access to.

The next step will be to add the Nocodelytics script to each of the sites that you want to set up tracking on. You can learn about this below as well as in the next lesson.

How to add/remove access to your sites

Once you've granted access to your sites, you'll need to re-authorize Nocodelytics for any new projects you add in Webflow.

To do this, you can head over to your "Sites" page and scroll down to the bottom. There you'll find a link to "Manage your sites in Webflow". Clicking on that link will take you back to the Webflow authorization screen where you can select the sites you want to grant access to.

Removing Webflow access will mean Nocodelytics can no longer access that site via the Webflow CMS API. This means if you make any changes (such as add new posts in your CMS), then Nocodelytics will not be able to see that. Also, removing Webflow access does not disable tracking.

How to enable tracking for a site

Nocodelytics works using a piece of code called a tracking script. When this tracking script is placed on a site, the code checks whether the site is set up correctly. If it is correctly set up, the tracking script will automatically track user interactions (such as button clicks, searches and clicks on CMS items).

Here's how to set up tracking on your Webflow site

  1. On the Sites page, click the "Finish Setup" button next to the site to add tracking for.
  2. Copy the tracking script.
  3. Go to your site's Project Settings → Custom Code page.
  4. Paste the code into the Head section.
  5. Save changes and Publish your site.

Then click on the "Test" button to confirm that the tracking script was set up correctly. Once the test passes successfully, you'll be taken to your dashboard.

How to create a metric

When you see your list of sites, you can choose any site and will then be taken to that site's (empty) dashboard.

All dashboards in Nocodelytics are empty at first because every site is different, so we want you to be able to decide which metrics matter to you.

To add a metric, you click on the "New Metric" button in the top right of the dashboard.

How to disable tracking for a site

If you added tracking on a site and then remove the Webflow access to it, the tracking for the site will not be disabled.

To disable the tracking, you'll need to go to your site's Project Settings → Custom Code → Head section and then delete the Nocodelytics script from there. Once you publish your changes, the tracking will have been disabled (although for some users, it may take longer due to caching).

I have added the script but it hasn't been found or is not working

If you've added the script but the test is not able to find it, here are a few things you can try first:

  1. Make sure the code is in the Head section of your project's settings.
  2. Save and publish your changes.
  3. Refresh the test page and try again.
  4. Check the script is live by viewing the page source (right click in the browser --> view page source).
  5. Have multiple Nocodelytics scripts in your project settings? Remove others and try again.

If you're still having issues, please reach out to support. We'll respond within 24 hours.

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