Custom field (i.e. Jetboost Favorites)

Visualize any number field in a chart.


With Nocodelytics, you can take a set of number fields in your CMS and visualize that data in a chart.

For example, if you're using Jetboost Favorites, you're storing that data inside a number field against each collection item. With this guide, you can quickly get a chart showing you which items were the most favorited.

How to visualize Jetboost Favorites

  1. On your dashboard, click "New metric".
  2. From the dropdown, select "Custom Field".
  3. Choose the collection and then, in the final dropdown, the name of the field.

On the right hand side of that screen, you'll see a preview with the top 10 most favorited items visualized in the chart. See below for an example of what the chart looks like.

You can save it to your dashboard to have it easily available later on. Just give a name and click "Save to dashboard".


Jetboost favorites metric

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