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An update on the new and improved version of Nocodelytics

Why we decided to rebuild Nocodelytics and a sneak peak at the new version!

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How to track clicks on links in Webflow (without writing code)

Not sure how to track clicks on important links such as to external sites? Here's an easy and quick guide.

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How to easily track subscribers and signups in Webflow

Want to know a simple way to see how many people are subscribing to your newsletter or signing up for your site?

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How to track button clicks in Webflow (the easy way)

Being able to easily track clicks in Webflow gives you a powerful tool to understand how your users engage with your site.

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Automatically track searches in Webflow in a few clicks

Knowing what your users are searching for means you can provide them more relevant content and features.

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Nocodelytics is now a team of two!

Florian will be joining as co-founder and we're rebuilding the entire product to be faster, smoother and easier to use.

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How to know which metrics to track on your Webflow site (with examples)

In this article we'll go over some of the most important metrics for different types of Webflow sites.

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