Add more sites

How to manage which Webflow projects you see in Nocodelytics.

Add more sites

When you signed up for Nocodelytics, you would have chosen which Webflow projects/sites you want Nocodelytics to have access to.

If you add a new project in Webflow (or a site is missing), this won't automatically show up in Nocodelytics. So, in order to add more sites to Nocodelytics, you'll need to re-authorize your Webflow account.

Here's how to add more sites:

  1. Go to your Site's page.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click the “Manage your sites in Webflow” link.
  4. Choose all sites you want Nocodelytics to have access to.
  5. Click the “Authorize Application” button.

Note: Make sure you select both new and existing sites. If you only choose your new sites, Nocodelytics will lose access to the existing sites (i.e., we won’t be able to track the CMS).

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