Track how many plays and pauses your videos get

Ever wanted to know how many times your videos have been played?

You can do that using Nocodelytics by tracking whenever someone clicks the play/pause button in Webflow.

One thing to note is that the video itself should be a background video and include the native Webflow play/pause button.

How to track video plays/pauses
  1. Give the native play/pause button a unique ID (or copy the existing ID).
  2. In Nocodelytics, click "New metric" and select "Button or Link Clicks".
  3. Paste the ID of the button.

You'll see a chart with a preview of any clicks on the play/pause button so far. You can save this metric to your dashboard if you want to access it quickly.

That's it!

How to track video views and play time

At the moment there isn't any way to do this, so you can only track play/pause button clicks. However, we're keeping this in mind for a future release and will update this guide when the feature is available.

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