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Share read-only access to a dashboard

When you create a dashboard in Nocodelytics, by default, it's private. This means only you and users within your organization can access it.

You can share your dashboard in two ways: with a ready-only link or by embedding it.

This is useful when you want to have separate dashboards for different parts of your website or stages in your app. It also makes it easier to have a small dashboard for sharing publicly as well as another, more detailed dashboard that's kept private. Another use case is, if you have a membership site, you could have one dashboard to track general activity and another dashboard to track member only pages.

At Nocodelytics, we have one dashboard which shows usage across our main site, as well as a second dashboard for our Help Center, and another dashboard which helps us more easily keep track of signups.

How to share with a link:

  1. Go to the dashboard and click "Share"
  2. In the Share modal that appears, click the toggle to enable sharing
  3. Copy the read-only link

When you send this link to anyone, they will have read-only access. This means they'll see the same dashboard you see but won't be able to edit the layout or delete any metrics.

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