Forms mean people can sign up for your app or subscribe to your newsletter. Here's how to track them.

Form tracking in Nocodelytics is powerful.

On top of submissions, you can also understand how many views and interactions your forms received. This lets you make tweaks to your forms and check how that's impacting your conversions.

See form views, interactions and submissions

Here's how to see how people engaged with your form:

  1. In Webflow's Designer, click on the Form that you're interested in. Navigate to the Element Settings tab (it has a gear icon at the top of the right hand-side panel).
  2. Copy the ID at the top of this tab or, if it's empty, add a unique ID.
  3. In Nocodelytics, select New Metric, then from the dropdown choose "Form".
  4. In the ID field, type # and then enter the ID for your Form Block.

Make sure you only use this unique ID once per element to ensure your data is accurate.


Form submissions metric

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