Exclude activity

Ignore activity from your browser for testing purposes.

It’s quite common to test your live site and check for issues. Doing this often means you have your own activity mixed up in your analytics which you’d like to ignore.

Whilst Nocodelytics doesn’t currently support ignoring IP addresses or IP exclusion, there is a way to tell Nocodelytics to ignore activity from your browser.

How to exclude your activity from Nocodelytics:

  1. Go to your browser's developer console
  2. In the console itself, copy and paste this command: localStorage.setItem('nocodelytics:disabled', true)
  3. Hit enter. 
How to exclude activity

Now your activity in the browser will be ignored (except for private/incognito sessions).

To re-enable it, just copy and paste this command: localStorage.removeItem('nocodelytics:disabled').

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