Nocodelytics is now a team of two!

Sarwech Shar

Over the past several months, I’ve been building Nocodelytics on my own. I’ve been making the app, writing content, onboarding users and doing customer development. Many of Nocodelytics' customers have suggested amazing ideas and new features that I’d love to build but just haven’t been able to spend as much time on development as I’d like.

Well, all that will change because I’m excited to say Nocodelytics is now a team of two!

My friend Florian Herrengt, an amazing developer, is joining as co-founder. Florian has actually been involved with Nocodelytics since the beginning, advising me on things like the backend infrastructure. He’s seen how Nocodelytics has been growing and is excited by the power of Webflow as a visual builder and the future of no-code.

Together, we’ll be able to update the product a lot faster and turn Nocodelytics into the most helpful analytics tool for our customers' Webflow projects.

Now that there are two of us, what’s the plan?

Florian will be taking over most of the development work and I will focus on user feedback and marketing. I am excited to speak to all of our users and iterate on that feedback as fast as we can.

We will be rebuilding the entire Nocodelytics platform. Here are some of the goals for the rebuild:

  • Faster: some queries were known to be slow and sometimes would time out. The rebuild fixes that.
  • Easier: setting up new metrics, adding sites and sign up will be made easier.
  • Smoother: generally the user experience will feel like butter, but also expect quality of life improvements like reordering and resizing metrics!

With the rebuild, we’re also changing the signup process and authentication system. When someone first logs in, they'll instead be asked to connect their Webflow account which will allow us to do exciting things like show additional CMS data when looking at metrics.

In terms of an ETA, our aim is to have the rebuild ready in the summer.

This is really exciting because it means, not only can we execute faster on the vision, we can make the product 10x better based on all of the feedback we've received from our customers.

Any questions on this? Feel free to reach out or connect on Twitter! See you soon.

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